Engineering Design

If you need to work up a prototype or refine an idea, we can lend our design expertise to your project. We have a real-world take on precision engineering, ensuring our designs will make it through the machining process to precise, reliable products.

Precision Machining

We offer the full service at HPE, working with your concepts to create robust designs and producing an incredible level of fidelity and precision in terms of machining your products or components. We have the skills, the training, the equipment and the customer service.

Our Services

CAD Design

Whatever your requirement, we can undertake all necessary design work
to get your idea out
of the concept stage and into reality.

5-Axis Machining

Utilising fully synchronous 5-axis milling machinery capable of moving in five axes at the same time – X,Y,Z linear motion in addition to two rotary axes

CNC Lathe

Computer numerical control is the industry standard for
precision lathe
work and we have a pair of high-spec two axis lathes capable.

Waterjet Cutting

Ideal due to its resistance to heat build-up,
water jet cutting
can be used
for making precision cuts to a variety of materials.