POSTED: 03/20/18 1:52 PM

Need Precision Valve Engineering? Try the Experts

The team at Hobbs Precision Engineering (HPE) – part of the Great British Valves Group – has many years’ experience in machining some of the valve industry’s most challenging and complex geometries, in the shape of incredibly precise triple offset butterfly valves.

The company was formed from specialists within Hobbs Valve, but now that experience and service is available to the wider valve community.

HPE has recently invested in larger-capacity heavy duty milling machines capable of machining components up to 1 cubic metre in size. These incredible installations are particularly suited to machining the exotic materials required by clients in – among others – the oil and gas, petrochemical and pharmaceuticals industries.

Another recent addition to our equipment list is a 3m x 2m waterjet cutter. This amazingly flexible process can cut complex profiles in almost any material up to 100mm thick, making it ideally suited to valve and non-valve components alike.

A uniquely accurate and powerful process, our waterjet system simplifies the cutting of the widest range of materials and thicknesses, for far less than the cost of the equivalent laser cutting (and without the material heating issues). Offering a rapid transition from drawing to finished part, the benefits are many and varied; the high accuracy and superior edge finish often remove the need for secondary cutting.

Waterjet cutting is a cold process. Heat affected zones, hardened material or material stresses are, therefore, simply not present. A clean accurate burr-free finish often removes the need for secondary surface finishing.

Additionally, our DMG Mori DMU75 5-axis vertical milling machine provides 5 axis simultaneous machining, highly dynamic high-speed milling, with spindle speeds up to 20,000 rpm cutting with torques up to 86Nm.  With the new monoBLOCK machines, every component produced becomes an impressive masterpiece.

With a team of experienced engineers having a wealth of knowledge in all industries, we look forward to helping you achieve your machining needs.