Whatever your requirement, we can undertake all necessary design work to get your idea out of the concept stage and into reality.
We have a range of design capabilities that can help you at any stage in your production process:

Conceptual design

If you have an idea that you need to turn into a product, component or solution, we can help with the design. We understand what it takes to engineer something in a way that works in the real world, and our pragmatic approach ensures the realistic buildability, durability and practical function of everything we design.

3D modelling/2D drafting

Whether ‘old school’ 2D drafting or cutting-edge 3D modelling with our Solidworks design software, we can offer a creative design service that aligns with your brief and the goals you set for the finished result. We are also able to fine tune designs that you supply, helping to make sure your project runs smoothly.

Stress, strain and pressure modelling

What we engineer for you is going to end up under some manner of strain – that’s what machined components are made for. We can model these effects in software to reduce production and redevelopment time, either proving the robustness of our design or highlighting areas that need revision before moving on.

Finite element analysis

Rather than engineering a product and then testing it to destruction before honing and repeating the process, finite element analysis (FEA) allows this kind of testing to be simulated in a computer environment. We use software that examines the three dimensional structure of a product under repeated exposure to conditions that replicate wear and tear or environmental degradation, allowing us to improve the product before it ever even gets made.


Computational Fluid Dynamics – a way of predicting the flow of a material or property within a substance or system, calculated by numerical analysis of key properties. It’s used in a variety of settings, in particular when predicting the behaviour of heat flow.
This system allows us to compare alternative designs or refine a selected design until we’re 100% confident of the performance of the finished product.